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David Baldwin | FrauenBilder 2 | 14th. of Sept. - 26th. of Oct. 2019

His first exhibition, end of 2018, was a big success. David Baldwin comes back, with FrauenBilder 2 – And it’s not a bare sequel to his first FrauenBilder exhibition. David opens new insights, even deeper, even more exciting – develops the theme, places characters in relation – between artist, characters and viewer. composes fields of tension, not only slaving away himself, but taking everyone hostage, into one of the most dazzling facets of life, women.

Sven Görlich | NEXT EXHIBITION: 2020

With his camera, Sven Görlich is looking for the moment when the “inner light” is shown. The quintessential essence, which reveals how something or someone is ticking at the core. What he captures is documented as an additional reality, sometimes even a mood, at a two-dimensional cross-section at a further, deeper level. Sven knows how to create a feeling that takes the viewer on a journey that he has started with his finger on the trigger.

Samuel Wiesemann

Samuel lives and works in Berlin. He is a friend and neighbor of our gallery in Prenzlauer Berg. For over 20 years he has participated in various exhibitions, installations and performances. Not only to different places in Germany but also to the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia. In addition to oil on canvas, he also uses mixed techniques in his art, working with paper on ever new topics. At PharoDercks he presented in June and August 2019 his series, “Ballads” a picturesque approach.

Marcus Carlsson

1st of March – 27th of April 2019 Marcus Carlsson presented his abstract paintings for the first time in Berlin. He lives and works today in Ystadt, on the Swedish south coast. Originally Marcus started as photographer, since 2011 he shifted the focus of his work to abstract painting. Marcus Carlsson has already received international attention through exhibitions from Florence, Milan and Paris up to Miami, New York and Shanghai.

Inger Louise Urbye Böhm
Judith Bader

This native Berliner from the district Prenzlauer Berg is an independent portrait photographer. “Photography not only allows us to capture memories, but also to create new ones.” To find an extraordinary moment. That’s why she likes to photograph outdoors under natural light conditions. Judith Bader says that her style is intimate. She gets very close with the camera, but she is by no means intrusive.

Saphira Kunst - Sela Loex

From Berlin Kreuzberg, among other graphic illustrator, comic illustrator and animator. Her drawings brim with various facets and unusual perspectives, from abrasive to mystical and mysterious. Occasionally tender and sensual, sometimes flashy. Always enchanting.

(Foto: Sarah Bleszynski: facebook/Sarahlikesprettygirls/)

Kenneth Prøitz

A Norwegian photographer, discovering abandoned places in Berlin, which in a wild and romantic way revive the morbid charm of Berlin post-reunification times, mingled with street art, graffiti. He knows masterfully to capture the might, energy and magic that emanates from these locations.

Stephan Kutsch

Stephan Kutsch grew up in East Berlin. He is a dyed in the wool Berliner who presents his highly eclectic works at PharoDercks Sprache & Kunst from the very beginning. His paintings and collages are diverse, surprising, and often satirical, ranging from cheeky to jaw-dropping.

Antje Schulz

Since her youth, Antje Schulz has been enthusiastic about photography. She was already producing abstract pictures with an analogue single-lens reflex camera in 1992, often making double exposures and collages in the bathroom of her first one-bedroom apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Since 2015, she has been developing her own drawing technique of abstract photography. The artist seeks dialogue with the viewer, whose imagination is animated by expressive art photographs. 

Anna Dedorson

Her Photomontages at the PharoDercks Gallery derives both from a travelling exhibition produced and exhibited in Malmö, Sweden in 2014 with young girls as models, but also of Anna’s own images of herself sliding into other, often tantalizing, flamboyant physical worlds and  sceneries of interesting people.

Anja Gerstenberg

Berlin painter and upcoming talent. Acryl paintings on canvas. 


Art and artists of Berlin and friends of the city, are our main focus. You will find a variety of products, ranging from postcards, produced together with our artists, to pictures, paintings and more. At our gallery we frequently present new exhibitions.


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