Kenneth Prøitz


Kenneth Prøitz

A Norwegian photographer, discovering abandoned places in Berlin, which in a wild and romantic way revive the morbid charm of Berlin post-reunification times. 

Kenneth Prøitz Is a norwegian photographer and Berlin enthusiast. Born and raised in Sarpsborg, one hour drive south of Oslo. The City is one of the oldest settlements in Norway and the countries third oldest City. Very rich petroglyphs around the city make it to one of the most interesting spots for Visitors and may have inspired Kenneth in early years. Nowadays petroglyphs, graffiti or street art, play an important part within his photographical documentaries. Abandoned Places are a major attraction to Kenneth. To find and photograph this places are main aspects of his work. He knows masterfully to capture the might, energy and magic that emanates from these locations. On towards the decay his mystical charge confers them to a new dignity.

He had his exhibition  “Tales of Berlin” at our gallery November 27th 2015 through March 12th 2016.

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