David Baldwin

oil on canvas

David Baldwin - FrauenBilder

A first glimpse of his works. From September 26, 2018 at PharoDercks Gallery Berlin:

If I Could Choose


The Modelmaker

The World Right Now (Little Bo-Peep)

Artist’s Statement:

 “Anyone who examines the history of Art must be struck by the prevalence of images of the female body. More than other subjects the female connotes ‘Art’… it is an icon of Western Culture” Lynda Nead.

The Female Nude: Art, Obscenity and Sexuality. (London and New York: Routeledge 1992.)

David: “As an adolescent, my guilty pleasure was to make tracings around the naked women in soft porn magazines. I still enjoy making images of the female body”

David Baldwin

A short biography.

Born in London, when the creative industries in Great Britain were booming, David followed many of his contemporise to Art College. Two years later, he was offered a place to study at one of the top two Universities, for Graphic Design, in Great Britain. He completed the three year course and returned to London where he began a successful career in Advertising. These were the Halcyon days of Advertising, where creativity was King and Market Research didn’t really exist. Companies relied on creative solutions to sell their products. David won many creative awards, nationally and internationally.

He began painting in 1990 and rented space from Mona Hartoum at The Old Tram Depot in North East London (still exists today). The following year was marked by an unforgettable event for David. He was fortunate enough to meet the painter Francis Bacon. David asked Mr Bacon how he (David) could become a better painter. After a moment’s thought, David tells, Bacon replied, “Simply paint the paint”. A Master Class David was never to forget. Since then he has painted a lot of paint, successfully completed a 3 year Bachelor of Arts degree with First Class Honours, done several murals with artist friend John Dashwood (sadly recently deceased), worked with Art4space on many community projects and frequently exhibited in and around London in Pop-up and permanent Galleries.

Since 2016 David has been living and working in Berlin.