Sven Görlich


Sven Görlich

With his camera, Sven Görlich is looking for the moment when the “inner light” is shown. The quintessential essence, which reveals how something or someone is ticking at the core. What he captures is documented as an additional reality, sometimes even a mood, at a two-dimensional cross-section at a further, deeper level. Sven knows how to create a feeling that takes the viewer on a journey that he has started with his finger on the trigger.


Sven Görlich grew up in East Berlin. His interest in photography was aroused early on. At twelve, he got his first own camera. At sixteen, he bought his first SLR camera. Later on he worked as a model for the fashion institute of the GDR. In spite of changing career wishes, he has always retained his passion for photography. After his escape from the GDR in 1989 through Hungary and Austria, he first studied German language and literature, as well as philosophy, at the Freie Universität in West Berlin. After termination of studies, he turned more and more to professional photography, making it his profession. He worked as a photo assistant for Ute Mahler, as a location scout, and as the director of the advertising film. In 1996, he photographed for the constellations of Techno DJs. Since 2000, he has been successfully working as a freelance photographer worldwide, taking photos for both reporting and advertising. He has been a guest lecturer at the New School of Photography in Berlin since 2010.

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