May 24, 2017

LUNATISM, VANITY, and OTHER INTIMACIES – Saphira Kunst aka Sela Loex




















We look forward to the first “second exhibition” of an artist at our gallery. Saphira Kunst returns and brings us fabulous divine drawings. After her first exhibition “CONTENANCE” in 2016, you she presents a “workshow” this time. Last year’s work, new extraordinary drawings, exciting insights and views. Whether with drawings, collages or our joint postcard edition, Saphira Kunst – Sela Loex is permanently represented at PharoDercks.

Click here to download the flyer (in German)

Lunatism, Vanity, and Other Intimacies
A Werkschau (Exhibition) by Saphira Kunst – Sela Loex
“Lunatism, Vanity, and Other Intimacies” are collages drawn in ballpoint pen on the formats DIN A4 and DIN A3. These intimate, introspective drawings were created in autumn and winter 2016 and spring 2017.
Lunatism” describes a state of  Saphiras insomnia and the exhausted restlessness, longing, and madness that accompany it. The drawings were made during long nights in this condition. Their proclivity is toward  the whimsical and bizarre, the dreamy worlds and unrealites that are most pronounced at the midnight hour.
Vanity” covers the outwardly-presented form. It is a characteristic that nearly everybody carries inside. Saphira as well. Her features are exaggerated. Appealing countenances and aesthetic bodily curves are juxtaposed with absurd animalistic grimaces, carcasses, or other half-tormented, half-serene figures and faces.
Other Intimacies” explores a collection of emotions and traits that lie within characters, such as the fear of loss, incisiveness, madness, self-acceptance, and the difficulty of being at peace with oneself.
These works provide insight into fleeting emotional states and introspection into tearful cross-sections of life, full of self-depricating humor and smiling while bemoaning.

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