September 25, 2017

BER – No flight leaves to nowhere. – Judith Bader


The airport has opened. Exhibition extended until January 2018.

Judith Bader goes on a discovery tour at BER airport. At the Berlin “Coitus Interruptus” there are extraordinary encounters. The airport opens up a public space, presented intimately, to a cultural use. It’s the recapturing of a lost space by Berliners and others: exceptional, magical, interesting, and casual.

The Berliner woman has discovered the not-yet-maybe-never-opened airport as a playground, a setting equal to a Greek temple. She fills the place with life and places new, positive images in the quasi non-place. New beautiful memories with impressive insights. Wonderful views and great scenes. Visual treats!

Press Release (PDF)

Flyer  (German | PDF)

Judith Bader


This native Berliner from the district Prenzlauer Berg is an independent portrait photographer. “Photography not only allows us to capture memories, but also to create new ones.” To find an extraordinary moment. That’s why she likes to photograph outdoors under natural light conditions. Judith Bader says that her style is intimate. She gets very close with the camera, but she is by no means intrusive. “With all of the people I photograph, I try to be sensitive to their talents, their tendencies, their individuality and their special character.” These qualities of her work as a professional portrait photographer are also reflected in the art project that will be presented by PharoDercks starting the 1st of September. The focus is on humanity, not on architecture.

“BER – No flight leaves to nowhere“

A photographic discovery tour by the Berliner photo-grapher Judith Bader

The airport presents spaces, which are being utilized for a cultural usage by restaging them in a intimate manner. At this Berliner „Coitus Interruptus” enchanting choreographed, staged and random encounters take place. Discover the beautiful sides of BER. Photographed and documentated by Judith Bader. In the gallery from 1. of September.


The photographer is a original Berliner, born in Prenzlauer Berg. Judith says about herself her style is intimate artistic. She is getting close with the camera but never being intrusive. „I am trying to stage all the persons I am photographing in a sensitive way, according to their talent, preferences, individuality and their special character.“ Those qualities of her work as a professional portrait photographer are being reflected in this art project, which she will present at PharoDercks, starting 1st. of September. The main focus is the human being and not the architecture. „Photography makes it possible to hold on memories but also to creates new ones.“ She likes to shoot outdoors with natural light. That is how she discovered this not-opened-yet-maybe-never-open BER as a playground for her photographic work, a scenery almost like an Greek temple. She fills the emptiness with life and puts new, positive Pictures in contrast to this unreal place. Beautiful new memories with stunning views. Magnificent outlooks and amazing perspectives. Visual treats!


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